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ArchiSun - Yogaretreat and Seminar Facility

The international seminar facilty concept opens and promotes Southern Laconia to new cultural and economic aspects.

It is imperative ArchiSun is in cooperation with the greek people so to uphold and promote the identity and authenticity of the region.

This collaboration with friends from around the world will enable a creation with lasting sustainabilty, which will act a bridge for

future projects and endevours. ArchiSun is to be the beginning of possibilty. It will offer the space and environment for future

developement and progress.

A wide variety of topics are offered in workshops and seminars:

Nutrition, alternative medicine, yoga and tai chi characterize the qualities of ArchiSun.

The core concept is comprised of the local integration and education of young Greek graduates through onsite professionals and

project developers. After this learning phase, these young Greeks will then operate and manage the seminar house project.

It is a meeting place for people from around the globe to exchange thoughts, ideas and energies.

For more information please contact us: